House made reflector---Sref

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Thu, 23 Nov 1995 09:31:12 +0900

Here at Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI), I have developed our own
version of reflector program --"Sref" -- for our practical use. It has
been newly coded and realized some convenient functions. It can accommodate
several conferences at the same time. You can register 32 conference rooms
by default configuration, some of them for limited members only, and some
as open public rooms. Members of each conference can be registered on the
fly. It works with Mac 0.83b3 and Windows 0.70b1, but does not support the
BCC, the band width management, IP multi casting, NV nor VAT.

Sref is not a public domain software. SEI has all copyrights on it, but we
are happy to supply it for non-commereial use. To obtain Sref and its
source, please access to

I welcome any comments or questions. Please mail directly to me or Thanks.

#Excuse me for my last message. It was a japanese Kanji code.
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