CARDCAM Video-IN (Quadrant) and Cu SeeMe

Roger Lee Boston (
Wed, 22 Nov 1995 23:26:02 -0600 (CST)

My card cam bideo in PCMCIA card shows as accessed properlyafter issuing
the CARDCAM commant following booting -- but it receives only BLACK
screen as the video in .. and if I kill power to my camera then restore
it I see grey scale hatch only. It won't work on my IBM THINKPAD 360C,
8 meg ram 486sx 33 windows 3.1 laptop .... great visions for using with
CuSeeMe or Vidcall going up in smoke fast down here in Houston.

Anyone out there more successful? I think there is a Dr. Bennet Frank ..
something on this list using a higher end thinkpad with the Quadrant card
but I am not for sure. Any suggestions would be appreciated - the
utilities show the card properly accessed but nothing coming through and
that is trying two different cameras. Thanks.

Roger Boston