Re: Why am I not receiving AUDIO?

Bill Woodland (
Thu, 23 Nov 1995 01:25:13 -0600

>Is there a FAQ that can be posted here to answer most of the common
>problems folks are having who may not have access to the CU-SeeMe
>sites (ie: Cornell and White Pines)? It seems like a lot of questions
>are being posted that could be answered using a faq. No insult
>intended to this poster at all ~ it's for all of us!
>> I just recently "picked-up" CU-SeeMe and i tried connecting to a
>> couple of "channels". For some reason I'm not receiving any Audio
>> with my signal. I'm using a Performa 6200CD, a 14.4 modem, and seem
>> to be able to play sound with everything else i do, what could be
>> the problem? Thanks for any input......
>> Ethan Ling

OK. Here is something that I sent to someone else on the list. This might
answer a few of the REALLY frequently asked questions for beginners.

>I can't use sound on my Mac 660 AV because I'm using a 14.4 modem. Is
>that correct information?

Pretty much, yes. The audio uses 16kbps compression , which is more than a
14.4kbs modem can send/receive.

>Can I just log in with having my video hooked up and talk?

Sure, you would be what is referred to as a "lurker" if you are not
transmitting video. Since you have a MAC (I'm a PC user) there is a plug-in
for the MAC version of CU-SeeMe called the "talk window" which is basically
similar to an IRC channel but works only for the people on the same
reflector. Lurkers and Senders alike can use the talk window to type
messages back and forth. If you don't already have the talk window plug-in,
you can get it from Cornell or you can get it from my web page (listed
below) which might be easier. It is the fourth selection in my download

>And when we did log in and had the video hooked up it said 0 users.
>Do I need someone else's IP address? Or how do I find others?

Log in? Do you mean that you connected to a reflector's IP address?
Get the MAC reflector list from my web page and read the file for
instructions on how to add the list of reflectors to your CU-SeeMe nicknames

>Also when I do finally get connected with someone then will my dialogue box
show up?

I'm not sure what you mean by the "dialogue box" (being a PC user) but if
you are talking about the talk window, then keep in mind that it probably
will only have anything in it if someone types at the time you are connected.

>We connected with ourselves and the video picture showed up so we know
>that works.
>Thanks for you time and trouble. Can/do you email me directly?
By your address I see you are on Eden Matrix. Eden Matrix has their own
reflector, and the IP address is

Since they have their own reflector, there should be someone there that is
very familiar with CU-SeeMe and might be able to help you on the phone,
which would be a lot more productive than emailing back and forth.

Keep in mind that some reflectors are not up 24 hours a day, and just
because they are up doesn't mean that someone else will be connected to it.

You also might check out Michael Sattler's CU-SeeMe User's Guide which is
the very first link on my web page, and is MAC oriented. Keep in mind that
when he mentions typing to other users in the local video window, you won't
have this window if you don't have a compatible video source. In this case
you would have to use the talk window.

I also have a small (but under construction) FAQ page of my own, and I
believe Michael Sattler does, also. I also have a page with CU-SeeMe
oriented links on it, including Streak's CU-Seeme Info Page, White Pines
CU-SeeMe Info Page, Michael Sattler's CU-SeeMe Desktop Videoconferencing
Page, John Lauer's CU-SeeMe Event Guide, John Lauer's People Pages, and NASA
Television on CU-SeeMe.

If you have a question AND an answer that you think should be added to my
FAQ, please send it directly to me with [FAQ] in the subject to make it
easily recognized, as I get quite a few messages per day.

Bill Woodland (
Squeek on Undernet IRC
Channel Manager #CU-SeeMe