compare T1 line,isdn,28k modem,14k modem

Dale Littlejohn (
Thu, 23 Nov 1995 06:02:58 -0800

Lets try this one,

Cuseeme tries to send video at 30 frames per second.
Think of 1 frame as a loaf of bread.
compress this loaf of bread with your hands
you will have a ball of bread about the size of a grapefruit
remember now, you have 1/30th of a second to send this frame

T1 line = shooting this ball through an opening about the size of
the moon with a cannon ---- no problem!

ISDN line = trying to throw this ball of bread through a basketball
hoop ---- Most of it will get through but if you hit the edge you
will loose some bread.

28k modem = trying to hand pack this ball of bread into a empty
toilet paper roll ---- some will get through but with the 1/30th
of a second time limit not much!

14k modem = trying to pack this bread into a drinking straw in
1/30th of a second ---- now you want to send audio with it ????
Try talking through the straw while your pushing the bread through.

While im here I have a question,
Why is it that when I pull the a/c plug from my toaster out of the
wall the electricity dont spill out all over the floor ??

Hope this helps the folks with 14k modems,
Have fun,