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RAW (rick@watcom.on.ca)
Thu, 23 Nov 95 12:44:09 -0500


I've installed cu-seeme

When I start the app, I get three "...there may be a problem"
messages: one "Capture driver is not installed properly"
followed by two "Invalid handle" messages. I assume the first
refers (correctly) to the fact thqt I'm not currently set up to

When I try connect to pro60-test2.cit.cornell.edu, there is a
13 second delay, with the "connecting..." message in the lower
right of the screen, then the message "No response from

I've installed onto on a Compaq XL590 w/32M RAM, running
Win95, into a C:\netscape\program\navigator\cuseeme directory.
This directory is in the path, but I'm using my existing
msvideo and ctl3d dlls in WIN95\system.

Does this product support the use of proxy servers? If not,
can it be run as a viewer under Netscape 1.2, to take advantage
of the proxies I have set up there?

TIA for your assistance.