Re: -- CU 083b3 / 630AV CARD / PowerPC --

Kevin C. Haupt (
Fri, 24 Nov 95 18:17:21 +0000

>Hello everyone,
>I use a
> 1) Macintosh Performa 6200, 16Mb RAM,
> with the Apple TV/Video System (thats all it says on the box/ in the
> manual: Apple TV/Video System: watch TV, capture video images and create
> multimedia-all on your Macintosh). The shop where i bought the TV/Video
> system has assured me this is the 630AV Card; however they have been
> wrong before...
> 2) Connectix QuickCam
> 3) CU-SeeMe 083b3(PPC)
> 4) reflector software 4.00b3 on a 486DX2/66 running Linux 1.1.92
> the reflector is up most of the time (although it tends to crash a few
> times a day) on, and we try to have music playing when up.
> 5) connected to the Internet through ethernet->fiber

Doesn't the QuickCam plug into a serial port? Use a video camera that plugs
directly into the RCA video in. On my 660av, I do not need any additional
software. Just the stuff that came build in with the AV configuration. Black
and white CCD cameras with standard video out can be purchased from various
sources. Cheap video security cameras will often work.

>quite happy about the sound, but the sight of a stage, from 20 meters with
>a quickcam is: a black screen with a large white dot in the middle and
>a (very) little thing moves in the white dot --> you dont know its a
>concert and you couldnt know either.

Use a camcorder with a zoom lens. It is ashame to waste all of that fiber
optic bandwidth on a Quickcam video signal.
Hope this helps.

Kevin C. Haupt