Re: Intel Smart Video Recorder

ed lane (
Sat, 25 Nov 1995 16:15:25 -0700

Projecto Videoconferencia wrote:
> Hello, i'm a newbie in using cu-seeme. I have a video board ISVR PRO
> and i'm using a Pentium 90 MHZ with 16M of Ram. I' have downloaded the new
> version of cu-seeme but when i try to use it wiht this board i can't receive
> any image and i get two errors in the begining of program execution(
> Unsuported function).
> I read in compact.txt that :
> >============================================================================
> >
> >
> >2. List of Video Capture boards that does NOT work with CU-SEEme
> >
> >Product: Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro
> >Confirmed by: (J. T. Montgomery)
> >Made by: Intel Corp.
> >Problems: unknown
> >List Price: $449 at Computer City (MSRP: $570)
> >------------------------------------------------------------------------
> What i would like to know is if there any one that knows some tip to
> avoid this situation?
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fortunately I read this same prediction *after* I tried using the Whitepine alpha
version 1.0a1.1. My capture board is the older "Intel Smart Video Recorder"
(non-Pro). I still get the message --"Video capture device does not support setting
the capture palette" when I start it up but it *does* work. When I first tried using
the Cornell version I had the "upside-down, inverse video" problem. This was very
distracting to those people I connected to :) I am interested if the upcoming "Cornell
Release" will support all cards which adhere to the Microsoft Video Interface standards.
If I could get access to it I would be happy to test it.

Ed Lane