Re: White Pine Please Respond !!!!!!!

David O. Bundy (
Sun, 26 Nov 1995 22:56:33 -0500

Sorry for not responding earlier, we are very busy trying to get a release
of this stuff out for the market :-) anyways we are doing some things for
the comercial release to help with firewalls but we can not get arround them
without the MIS person doing some configuration, otherwise that would defeat
the reason firewalls have been installed! The changes we are doing will let
you know that a firwall is in place and not just a connection timeout, you still
need to have your firewall configured to allow UDP packets on the CU-SeeMe
port to be allowed through.

You could also configure a reflector outside
your firewall which you could allow others to connect to and those within
your firewall could be allowed to connect to just that reflector, IP
address, outside the firwall.

The main problem is that there are no standards for Proxies for UDP
packets such as SOCKS is for TCP and TCP is not viable for CU-SeeMe.

Some firewalls can be configured so that outgoing UDP packets are
detected on a port and will accept incomming on the same port to the sending
IP address if the first UDP packet is sent from inside the firewall.

Hope this helps inform you of the problems...

Dave B.

> A version that supports firewall. Need I say more.
> Is there an answer ???
> BJ
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