Re: Reflector

Joseph M Izen (
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 13:46:07 -0600

Hi Vladimir,

>I have a short question for you.
>I managed to set up the reflector on Indy ( Irix) mashine and it seems to be
>working with NV and VAT just fine. But I couldn't make the one for Alpha to
>cooperate with NV and VAT, it just doesn't pass any video to CU-SeeMe..
>Have you heard about this problem before or maybe you know the solution for it?
>Any advice will be highly appreciated.

AT&T always says to reach out and touch *someone*! THis time I have!

There are problems with Reflect 4.0b3 and interoperating nv and vat. Brian
O'Shea at White Pine said this will be fixed in a commercial release of the
reflector, and I believe Tim Dorcey, author of the free version is aware of
the problem.

If you can run nv/vat on an alpha, I would be interested in seeing if you
can communicate with me through my HP reflector. I have colleagues with an
alpha in Hawaii who can not, although other UNIX flavors seem to
interoperate. Please send me email if you want to try. -Joe