Piss Poor Performance (PPP)

GENIUS (ir004161@pop3.interramp.com)
Tue, 28 Nov 95 01:04:43 PST

Can someone (anyone) PLEASE assist in determining what is causing (and

more importantly, how to correct) the following situation(s):

System: 486-50 Mhz PC clone, 16 MB RAM, DOS 6.2, WFW 3.11, no video capture
(not attempting to transmit), non-SB-compatible sound card (not expecting to
hear audio) (What more do you need to know?)

Net account: PPP through dial-up ISDN line (56.7K), Motorola BitSurfr TA
connected to COM 2, TurboCom/2 drivers, 16550 UARTs, dynamically assigned IP
address, Hosts file set to (what else can I do?,) NetManage
'Chameleon' package.

CUSee-me: White Pine Alpha release. (Have tried all previous Cornell releases
with the same results.)

Situation #1: I have a list of about 20 reflector sites. I can make a
connection to only 4 or 5. The rest return "No Response From..." eventhough
MOST of those can be pinged successfully. If I can connect to at least SOME
sites, and the rest can be pinged, why would they return "No Response"?
Shouldn't I at least get a "Reflector Full" error message if I can't connect?

Situation #2: Of the sites I CAN connect to, performance is PISS POOR!
Windows fill v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y and frequently not completely. Ones that do
fill completely refresh v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, and many times the pictures look
like jigsaw puzzles with the pieces in all the wrong places. Any windows that
perform at all, quickly deteriorate to 0 fps and 0 kbps, remaining frozen that
way for MINUTES at a time, occasionally burping a few additional frames.
Meanwhile the data activity LEDS on the BitSurfr are going CRAZY but nothing
is happening on my screen. Where is this data going? This is an ISDN line
for GOD'S SAKE and what I see is no better than what I started out with MONTHS
ago (a 14.4 modem with 8550 UARTs.) Windows will disappear and reappear
minutes later with the identical video image as when they disappeared.
Performance does not improve if there are only 1 or 2 senders and I am the
only lurker. If I close any windows manually, the windows remaining open do
not improve. How much of this is due to the Sender's selection of
Transmitting parameters?

Situation #3: One reflector site in particular will connect (provided there
is room) then present me with up to 7 or 8 windows that never show any video
whatsoever. The sender's nickname shows at the top of the window (and in the
Participant's list) but ALL of the windows show only the CUSee-me logo and ALL
remain frozed at 0 fps and 0 kbps so long as I am connected.

Is there a kindly CUSee-me guru in the Washington DC area who will message me
privately with a phone number and perhaps help talk me through this
exasperation? (I am uncomfortable with IRC.) P.S. I have tried booting up
with no TSR's and only the necessary drivers to allow Windows to run. Thank
E-mail: ir004161@interramp.com (GENIUS)
Date: 11/27/95 Time: 23:44:26
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