Re: ISDN is so cheap!!!

Joe Hovel (
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 23:16:30 +0000

> On Fri, 24 Nov 1995, Andrew J Stevens wrote:
> > In australia, an ISDN at 64kbs costs the following (take in to account
> > that $1US = $0.75AUS;
> >
> > $5100 ($AUS) Once off Installation
> > $2000 ($AUS) Monthly fee based on upto 20% utilization.

That's a figure I've never heard before... it must be for PERMANENTLY
connected ISDN, because I have a quote from Telstra for A$360.- for
the connection (per 128kbps!) plus A$940.- per year = A$78.- per
month, plus A$30.- per hour connect time (per 128kbps - depending on distance).
That's too expensive, but not s expensive as quoted by Andrew.

In Germany, it's the cost of a normal connection plus normal
telephone charges - ISDN or analog phone calls..... now THAT'S cheap!
My brother over there has it in his house and all he appreciates is
having 2 phone numbers for the price of one....
Joe Hovel
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Monash University Centre for Rural Health