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paul miller (pmiller@winternet.com)
Wed, 29 Nov 95 01:43:38 0400

I got big trouble.
I need help, any ideas I"m all ears
For the past week or so my cu seeme will not work with the camera
extention on.
I have 7100 PPC 24/250 OS 7.5 Connectix quick cam
I have the latest cu seeme ppc software.
I have updated the camera software.
When the camera extention is on the software zeros out just seconds
after connection.
For a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes the software works like it
Then the recieving data goes to zero and the windows of other
participants goes grey and the participants window closes down .
My picture in the upper left corner continues to look like it is working
but by that time I am dissconnected from my www server.

Happens every time and it drives me crazy.