Re: Audio doesn't work!

Wed, 29 Nov 95 00:23:57 EST

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995 10:58:29 -0500 you said:
>I can't get CU-SeeMe to transmit or recieve audio. I run Windows 3.1. I
>have no camera, and the only reason I got the program is so I can talk with
>a Mac user friend. Our talks are going to be pretty short without audio!
>When the program boots, it complains about not having a video driver. Since
>I'm not planning to use video anyways, that shouldn't matter. It also says
>my device will not support a Volume Control.

I'm a newbie at cuseeme as well, and am having the same audio problem. Since
Vocaltec's I-Phone seems to work for the most part, I'm not sure why CUSEEME
won't either. My best guess (and this may be the case with you) is that the
problem is due to having a SoundBlaster card that is not on the default
settings; I'm on A210 i5 and default is A220 i7...

I've searched around for an .ini file or something, that may enable me to
change these settings, but without any luck. If anyone knows how to figure
it out, based on this factor, I'd sure appreciate hearing about it. :)