RE: Audio doesn't work!

Wed, 29 Nov 95 00:34:24 EST

On Wed, 29 Nov 95 09:25:00 PST Ng Aik Pin said:
>Have you heard of Internet Phone? It is a piece of software that supports
>voice communication across the Internet. I believe this would be useful for
>all those who are only interested in voice communication.

I would've suggested the same, but I *think* I read on a cuseeme web site that
i-phone is not available for the Mac yet (the original poster wanetd to chat
from a PC to a friend with a Mac). If I'm (their) wrong about this, then
i-phone would be the way to go, but otherwise cu-seeme is the only alternative

That is, if actual *voice* is necessary. Otherwise irc or telnet "real-time"
typing back and forth is a good choice considering it's cheaper than using
a phone LD. :)