Re: Audio for only a second or so...

Rogene Talento (
Tue, 28 Nov 1995 21:56:51 -0800

At 07:25 PM 11/28/95 -0800, Wayne Wall wrote:
>My friend and I are both using the PC version of White Pines 1.0a1.1 and
>have cameras. We connect point to point after exchaning IP addresses. We
>are using 28.8KB modem connection. We both freeze our video so there is
>almost no modem activity. (A few packets are exchanged every few seconds.)
>When either
>of us tries to use audio, the receiver hears only the first second or so
>of the audio, even though the lights on the sending and receiving modems
>indicate a steady stream of data is moving during the entire time the
>speaker is talking.

You'l have to check the Audio type...I'm not sure if the White Pine version
supports the 16K Delta-Mod variety...the only type that really works over
28.8. The 32K Intel DVI is too much.

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