Re: Video Blaster FS200 compat with CUSeeme

Barry L. Lankford (
Tue, 28 Nov 95 00:31:46 CST

I had the same problem with vertical lines in the local window when I tried
to use a FS200. Creative's tech support was pretty much useless until I
found that I got the same thing when using the Video for Windows program
VIDCAP. The two programs that Creative supplies with the FS200 (TOOLKIT
and SETUP, I believe they are called) do not use the Video for Windows
drivers as VIDCAP and CU-SeeMe does. When I called Creative and told them
that I got vertical lines when using VIDCAP, they said to add a line to
one of the Windows initialization files. I can't recall which file or what
to add, but if you can't get the information from Creative's tech support,
I can possibly look it up, but I am not at the computer with the FS200 so
I can't do it now. I believe the line to add had something about "dual"
in it, something like "dualdisplay = <something>" and it went in either
win.ini or system.ini. Anyway it fixed the vertical lines problem. This
fix may have been specific to the brand of graphics card that was used on
that computer (Stealth 24).

>Tim, that means you have a memory address problem. Try and clean boot the
>machine and that should correct the problem. It works better with
>Win95. Let me know if that helps.......
>Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 06:58:09 -0800
>From: Tim Smeltzer <>
>Subject: Video Blaster FS200 compat with CUSeeme
>Hi Bennet.
>My name is Tim, and I am a channel operator on the IRC channel #cu-seeme on
>the Undernet. I am trying to help someone get CUSeeme working with the
>FS200 video capture board, but all we are getting are vertical lines. Can
>you give me any suggestions? Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks
>Tim aka LazLong on IRC Undernet #cu-seeme
>Tim Smeltzer
>LazLong on IRC channel #cu-seeme on
> the undernet (

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