Live! UK Open U Virtual Stadium Dec 11 5PM GMT

Marc Eisenstadt (
Wed, 29 Nov 1995 10:08:33 +0000

Cogger/Cornell gig continues KMi Stadium telepresence events
using RealAudio & more; Monday 11 Dec 5PM GMT

The Open University's new Knowledge Media Institute is hosting a monthly
series of on-line interviews with top research personalities, using a
medium it refers to as "KMi Stadium". KMi Stadium is billed as an
experiment in very large scale telepresence, and aims to host an event with
100,000 attendees by the end of 1996*. The stadium uses a mixture of audio
and images, combined with a custom-built software suite based on Sun
Microsystem's Java language. A prototype non-Java version is up and
running at:

The next event [December 11th at 5PM GMT] features "Maven of the Month"
Richard Cogger, Cornell University computer scientist and educator, and
leader of the team that developed CU-SeeMe Internet Videoconferencing.
This event follows the successful KMi Stadium launch on 18th October which
featured Henry Lieberman from the MIT Media Lab [available as an on-demand
replay from the above URL].

Live attendees will have the opportunity to discuss current research issues
with the guest speaker in a "talk radio with graphics" format. Visit early
to preview the relevant research issues by following the 'info button'
links. KMi Stadium will phone you during the event, if required, and your
discussion will be broadcast live over the net using RealAudio's live
encoder technology from Progressive Networks. You'll need to obtain the
RealAudio player from to listen to the KMi Stadium
audio channel.

*100,000 participants??? Yes: by doubling current attendance figures every
month, we can do it. The three keys to scaleability are (i) the
distributed server environment, (ii) local cacheing of all 'special
effects' such as laughter, applause and slide shows, and (iii) a simple
hierarchy of moderators and meta-moderators to field audience questions and
comments. If you're interested in helping us (particularly experimenting
with alpha releases of our linked servers), please contact our Java wizard,
Adam Freeman <>


* Prof M Eisenstadt (Director)
* Knowledge Media Institute
* The Open University Tel +44 (0)1908 65 3149
* Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, UK Fax +44 (0)1908 65 3169