Re: Connectix Quickcam for Win 3.1 problems

Leandro Ramalho (
Wed, 29 Nov 1995 10:41:24 -0800

At 16:39 28/11/95 PST, you wrote:
>I just purchased a Quickcam for Windows, and, though it works great for
movies / pix, when I spool up CUSeeMe, I get a distorte
>d local window. The window is split into quarters, showing a 1/4 scale
image in each lower corner, with just fuzz in the top h
>alf. The palette of the two small images seems to be corrupt, too.
>Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a cure?

The QuickCam support will be added in version 0.84, that will be
available until Dec'95, according to CU-SeeMe Homepage. This version is
available on, but it's the
Alpha version.

BTW, read the files that come with the software before posting messages
containing questions that were already answered. And, please, take care
about the size of your signature. I think that it's a pretty one, but it's a
big one too.


Leandro Ramalho