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Luc Volders (luc@box.nl)
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 14:03:10 +0100

To all,

As you know I am publishing a reflector list on this mailing list.

Until now I have send 5 reflector lists. Number 6 is coming up.

Now I do not want to complain but:

This project has started as a reflector list made by the subscribers
on the CU mailing list and for the subscribers to this mailing list.
When I started this project everybody was really interested and glad that
I would do this.

I asked you if you had any entries to add to my list.
And give me some help with this.

At first I got several reflector lists from subscribers.
They who send me know who I am talking about, and I thank them again for
their lists.

But recently I have not received any information anymore.

What I would like from you is messages with reflector IP numbers, AND
the person to be contacted there.
I only publish those reflectors from which the owners, maintainers
gave permission.

I have send at least 100 messages to reflector owners and the results are
The permissions I received back are only about 30 or so.

To give you an exapmle (and I try not to kick anybody)
I send a message to White Pine about 2 months ago.
Nobody reacted. Last week I send a message to Brian and he
gave me the info at last.
I send a message to Cornell (are you reading this Tim)
Until now I have had no reaction.

It just seems that reflector maintainers are not interested to get
their reflector published.

There *must* be some reflector owners on this mailing list who
want their reflector published.........
So, contact me.

Further there was an entry called:
Sam I am!'s fun house
DNS smug.student.adelaide.edu.au

He told me that his reflector was only reachable in the 129.127.xxx.xxx
I asked for feedback several times on the ref. list from you but I do not
get any.
So there are two options:
- Nobody is in this subdomain
- Nobody is using my list

Fill it in for yourselves.

Like I told you in the beginning:
I do not mind to do all the work alone, but some help would be appreciated.
Please give me some feedback.

I am not stopping with the felector list. Don't worrie. I am also
not really complaining but the fact is that this list want grow much
if I am dependend on reflectors I bump into by accident.

Now for the good stuff.

As the list is exceeding the 32K limit of a text file it is going to be send
next sunday or monday as an attachment to my mail.

The version afther this one will (if everything works out fine)
be also send as a Mac nickname's file

I am also on a PC now.
So the next version will also be send (if everything works out fine)
as a PC target list.

I am still looking at those who offered to put the list up as
a WWW page.
Some of you have offered WWW space to me, but I have to work too so things
have gone a bit slow.

Well that's all.

CU on CU


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