Re: Multicasting ion about cu-seeme

Brian O'Shea (
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 10:47:23 -0500

>To whom it may concern,
>We have recently installed and briefly used/evaluated CU-SeeMe on a
>Windows PC using version W0.70b1. We are interested in finding out
>more about this application. We also read an article by Adam Arrowood
>of Gergia Tech Institute [] who explains that
>CU-SeeMe SINGLECASTS video transmissions (for a Macintosh PC
>using version 0.80b2).
>Do any versions of CU-SeeMe have MULTICASTING capabilities now, or
>planned for the future?

The reflector, since it runs on a UNIX platform, is able to take advantage of
the one to many functionality of MULTICASTING on those UNIX platforms that
have MULTICAST capability. Unfortunately, the PC's and MAC's don't yet have
this capability in ther TCP/IP stacks, so the reflector can only use
MULTICASTING with NV and VAT, and to connect to other reflectors.

As MULTICASTING becomes available on PC and MAC platforms, rest assured that
we will have versions of CU-SeeME that will take advantage of it.

>We look forward to hearing from you.
>Yours sincerely,


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