Barbara M. Gleason (
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 09:47:05 -0800

I have a PowerMac 7500. I want to buy a modem that will give me some
audio. I know it won't be great, but something is better than nothing.
The 28,800 range modems are priced from $139 to over $400. Any suggestions
of what I should be looking for in the specs that makes the more expensive
one better than the cheapest? (I am currently using the Geoport 14,400 and
get some dragged out audio that is barely intelligent.)

Also, which AUDIO should I set from the four listed below:
Intel DVA (32 kb/s)
u-law (64 kb/s)
Linear (64 kb/s)
A-mod (16kb/s)
Thanks for any suggestions.

BTY - I solved the problem with the PowerMac 7500 and my handycam. (I
could not get video.) I must use the S-cable for apple video player, but
found I must use RCA 3-wire plugs for the CU-SeeMe program. (Can't use RCA
for apple video player and can't use S-cable for CUSM.) Don't know why it
works this way, but IT WORKS.
Anyone know if I would mess up my camera or computer if I plugged in BOTH
the S-cable and RCA connections at the same time? (This way, I would not
have to keep switching.) I'm too chicken to try it without advice.



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