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Ronald L. Lightman wrote:
> >> >> Anyway my trial period of WPine is over and i
> >> >> cant make myself confortable with the idea of downloading another demo
> >> >> from WhitePine ...and another one ... and another one ... till it does
> >> >> good work worth the money ... Since there is a free version around.
> >> >
> >> >There's no need to download a new version of CU-SEEME once it is
> >> >expired.... All you have to do is:
> >> >
> >
> >COME ON !
> >You surely are worth more than what you are writing ...
> >
> >I dont think he was telling me to steal ... He merely opened my eyes to
> >the fact that THERE IS A FREE VERSION AROUND that works fine and that i
> >was loosing my time downloading it over and over again ... so why bother
> >?I can and will pay if i decide to keep the WP version.
> >
> >Yes its promising and yes it works and yes it is supported but its not
> >the only one around and the battle is not finished between the giants
> >(Microsoft and Netscape) and we will all benefit from it,in time (look
> >at the october edition of PC MAGAZINE . Ive been in this business long
> >enough to know what is stealing and what is not (softwarewise).
> >
> >WhitePine plays the game by GIVING demo versions after the other to
> >catch some clients in the way ... i am just not ready to bite the worm
> >is too young ...
> >
> >Dont lose your time barking at other dogs they can bark back at you and
> >lose some precious internet bandwidth and money in the process not
> >speaking of all the noise it makes.
> >
> >Who are you anyway to trow the first rock ? ...
> >
> >Im begining to understand why poeple are shy to write at lists and why
> >they UNSUBSCRIBE so fast ... :-(
> I am very sorry that I implied any dishonesty. I beg your pardon. I
> responded to the posting without thinking. There has been much digression
> from the true purpose of this list,which in my opinion, is to help others
> learn about and use Cu-Seeme.Facts and issues regarding equipment and
> internet bandwidth and policies are also relevant.
> I didn't start this list and have no right to tell anybody what they can or
> can't say.I don't like people who tell other people how to avoid paying for
> software and since this was not the case, I am sorry. You sound like a nice
> compasionate person worth knowing and I deserved your castigation.