Comments about unsubscription attempts

Larry Chace (
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 14:55:01 -0500

There has been an increasingly nasty and inappropriate discussion here
about what to do about (or to) those folks who mistakenly send
"unsubscribe" requests to this list (rather than to the list server,

There is no point in posting the nasty comments or the attempts at humor;
if *anything* should be posted to the list, it is the occasional reminder
of how to unsubscribe. The nastiness reflects more on the sender than on
the poor victim.

Here at Cornell, "e-mail bombing" is considered an inappropriate use of
computer and network resources, and penalties may be applied to members of
the Cornell community who engage in that sort of electronic vanalism,
terrorism, or harrassment. The subscribers to this e-mail list are, for
the most part, not members of the Cornell community, but nevertheless the
list owners have the right to block postings from anyone (and for any

If subscribers to this list persist in nastiness, rudeness toward others,
engage in e-mail bombing of others, or in other ways act in an manner that
is not conducive to our discussion of CU-SeeMe, then such persons may be
blocked from further postings. The same may apply to those who persist in
using the list to advertise their own "competitive" products.

Less anyone raise the issue of "free speech", that is *not* at issue here.
Cornell's policies regarding e-mail lists are quite clear -- a list owner
can block anyone whose contributions, in the list owner's opinion, are
detrimental to the list's purposes. We *really* don't want to block
anyone, but we will if necessary.

So, let's stop all of the "cute" or nasty comments about folks who try to
unsubscribe. Let's stop right now. That is all the warning you need.

For those of us working on CU-SeeMe, trying to continue to bring you *FREE*
software, the nasty comments about other users, about us, about our
software, about White Pine, and so on, are a real insult and a major

To those of you (the vast majority) who have been helpful and understanding
and happy with our efforts, we thank you for your continued support.

Larry Chace ( CU-SeeMe Development