Does the Cu-SeeMe - reflector use RTPv1 or RTPv2 or ... ?

Alon Gat (
Sat, 2 Nov 1996 17:22:02 +0200

Hello All

I'v looked every where, but I can't what encoding is used by the reflector
version 4.0b3
to connecto to the MBONE.
I'v connected NV to the reflector through the specific encoding, named -
But I'm not able to connect VAT (a MBONE audio tool). VAT (version 4) uses
Does the reflector uses, for audio, RTPv1 or RTPv2 or just the plain VAT
fram and not RTP.
How do I connect VAT (version 4 or less) to the reflector (I know to
ports AND
IP Addresses - this is not my problem) - I need to know the encoding of
If the reflector does not support RTPv1/v2, when will it ?
Did anyone ever connected VAT (version 4 on sun-solaris) to the reflector
Now, that I have OT (Open Transport) which featurs Multicast via
IP-Multicasting, Do I need the reflector for multi-partisipent video/audio
conferncing via CU-SeeMe? Does CU-SeeMe has to be OT saavy to do so ?

Thank you for your time and help, Alon.