CUSM, PPC, QuickCam, type 11 error.

S.Taylor (
Sat, 2 Nov 1996 13:16:52 -0500

I just joined this list, and hope that this particular question may have
been discussed previously.

I cannot get CUSM (0.85b1) to work on my new PowerComputing PowerTowerPro
225 MHz with QuickCam grey 2.1 (It's Miromotion video card has been
disabled as this card does not do VC).

Problem: CUSM launches, the local image appears, followed immediately by a
Type 11 error and total crash.

Config: PTP225, 7.5.5, OT 1.1.1, MacSLIP, very stable connection with every
other TCP app.

I tried with all unnecessary extensions off, same type 11 error.

Any earlier versions of CUSM might work?

Also, if one does NOT use an AV Mac, how can one do videoconferencing,
other than QuickCam? Any any boards that you may know of? Does the color
QuickCam work well?

Thanks very much for any help or suggestions.

Saul Taylor.