Re: CUSM, PPC, QuickCam, type 11 error.

S.Taylor (
Sat, 2 Nov 1996 16:55:12 -0500

>At 1:16 PM 11/2/96, you wrote:
>>Problem: CUSM launches, the local image appears, followed immediately by a
>>Type 11 error and total crash. (PPC)
>hi..this may/may not work for your particular setup, but it did solve a
>number of other weird type 11 errors i was getting after i installed 7.5.5.
>increase the preferred memory allocation to CuSeeMe (using the 'get info'
>window) by 23k. 7.5.5 needs that extra ram for some apps.

The solution was quite simple. I was using CUSM 0.85b1 and got the type 11
errors. I just downloaded version 0.83b3 and it works. Not a very good
image from the B&W QuickCam, though.


Saul Taylor