Video Capture card setup info requested

Bill Woodland (
Sat, 02 Nov 1996 17:40:35 -0600

I have begun a new section to my web page to help people with the different
capture devices that can be used with CU-SeeMe, and have also added a little
info on the SNAPPY, CUDOODLE, and some audio faq stuff.

If any of you folks would be so kind as to write up an email message to me
about how to setup YOUR particular video capture card, then I will add it to
the section. Keep in mind that I will put your name and email address in
there as a LINK, so others may email you for help with the card.

Please email this info DIRECTLY to me, so as to cut down undue traffic on
the list, and make a note of your setup:win 3.1, win95, Cornell CU, or WP
CU, since there are subtle differences, and I will happily add it to my page.


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