changes to my page

Bill Woodland (
Sun, 03 Nov 1996 18:28:44 -0600

ok, after 17 hours of messing around, I've made some more additions to my

I removed that event thing from the main page. Maybe someday I'll add an
events section where people can add their own from the web page.

In the CU related links, I mainly just moved some stuff around. The best
stuff is at the tope, like Streak's Web Reflector Scanner page, PeoplesNet
Scanner, Helping Hand's CU-SeeMe help pages, and Rick Cekal's CUSDIAL program.

The folks at Cornell have added the x-cu-seeme mime type to their HTTP
daemon, so that I can now send an IP address to Netscape and have it startup
CU-seeMe, so the Reflector Connector page was born. Thanks to Joy and Tom
for getting this working.

This page contains the entire reflector list from John Becker that you can
download from the other reflector section. I wrote a little database
program to read the list (cuseeme.mrs worked best for this), create the HTML
and .csm files, and uploaded the whole thing. This page allows you to click
on a reflector name to connect to it. It's not as fancy as Streak's Web
Reflector Scanner page, but it works. The next time I get an updated list
from John, I will recreate the RefCon page, .csm files, and upload them
again, along with the new lists.

The "Articles" page is now complete, and the link works. READ the's funny and interesting. Warning:some nudity there, but it's
there to make a point. These articles should open into a secondary window
of Netscape (<a href="articles/mask1.htm" target="blank"> for you HTML
people), so you can go back to my page easily.

Hugo Fuks and Hugo Pereira were added to the South America page, NOY and Amy
Leung were added to Asia, Tom Nymark and friend added to Europe.

Send me some more screen captures and I'll add you in as quickly as I can
get around to it. I have a bit more capture card info to add, and D-Cam
info, but no time this weekend for it.

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