RE: CUSM, PPC, QuickCam, type 11 error.

Mark Farone (Mark_Farone@SFA.UFL.EDU)
4 Nov 1996 08:33:39 -0500

From: on Sat, Nov 2, 1996 6.17p

>>At 1:16 PM 11/2/96, you wrote:
>>>Problem: CUSM launches, the local image appears, followed immediately by a
>>>Type 11 error and total crash. (PPC)
>>hi..this may/may not work for your particular setup, but it did solve a
>>number of other weird type 11 errors i was getting after i installed 7.5.5.
>>increase the preferred memory allocation to CuSeeMe (using the 'get info'
>>window) by 23k. 7.5.5 needs that extra ram for some apps.
>The solution was quite simple. I was using CUSM 0.85b1 and got the type 11
>errors. I just downloaded version 0.83b3 and it works. Not a very good
>image from the B&W QuickCam, though.

In fact, Apple specifically recommends you increase the size of the
application by 23K in this situation. Here's the quote from the System 7.5.5
o Programs use slightly more memory
If you are having new problems with programs reporting that they do not have
enough memory, System 7.5.5 Update may require programs to use an additional
23K of memory. To fix the problem:
1. Quit the program if it is open.
2. Click the program's icon to select it.
3. Open the File menu and choose Get Info.
4. In the Info window, increase the value in the "Preferred size" box by 23.
5. Close the window.
Another posibility is that the Finder application itself is running out of
memory (type 11 is an general memory error) as is sometimes the case with
System 7.5.5 on some models (like mine). Increase the preferred memory size
of the Finder.

Mark Farone

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