Re: Reasonable Reflector Set up

Bill Woodland (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 12:05:34 -0600

At 02:38 PM 11/4/96 U, you wrote:
>What would be a good machine to but to run a reflector on and OS should you
>use? My funds are limited, also if they weren't what would you buy.
>Thank you for the help,

I'm running a reflector right now on a 60mhz pentium, windows 95, Whtie Pine
reflector program, and it seems to be running VERY NICELY. I was even doing
email and netscape stuff on this machine while people were connected to the

This machine is on a 10mbit ethernet adapter, going to a 100mbit fiber ring
and out to a T3. It's not so much the machine you run the reflector on,
that makes the difference, but the actual connection to the net.

Get a pentium with windows nt or windows 95 and try out the 30 day demo
reflector from White Pine. at

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