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Wed, 06 Nov 1996 19:37:57 -0600

At 07:02 PM 11/6/96 +0100, you wrote:
> is it possible to run cuseeme (using available cornell or wpine
> between 2*Win 95 directly connected via modems and General Telephone
>Switched Network (not using internet) or leased line ?
> or is it necessary to wait for a future point-to-point release ?
>thanks in advance, bernard (from Paris, France)

Sure, it's possible. Try this:

>How do I connect with a friend by dialing direct to him, and bypassing
>Internet using Windows 95?
> 1. Go to your Control Panel. Click on "Network" , if you see TCP/IP ( OR
> TCP/IP->Dial-Up Adapter ) in the Network components list goto step 3.
> 2. To install TCP/IP, click on Add button. Double-Click on Protocol.
Click on
> Microsoft in the Manufacturers list.Double-Click on TCP/IP in the Network
> Protocol List. Press OK on all the dialog boxes. The system will
prompt you for
> Win95 CD/Disks... Follow the prompts and install TCP/IP. Restart you
> Go to step 1.
> 3. Double-Click on TCP/IP ( OR TCP/IP-> Dialup Adapter). You'll get to
> TCP/IP properties.
> 4. Under IP Address tab click on Specify an IP address. Enter any
number in the
> format
> aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd in the IP Address field(for example
> Enter in the subnet Mask field. (Note- Subnet Mask might
not be
> necessary. Press OK and restart your system.
> 5. Repeat the same process on your friend's PC. Except in step 4. use
a different
> IP Address (for example
> 6. Go to your Dialup Networking (under My Computer). Go to connections
> menu and select Dialup Server. Enable accepting connections and press OK.
> 7. Ask your friend to create a dial up connectiod to your phone number.
> 8. Have the friend dial your phone and wait for successful connection
and both
> start CuSeeMe.
> 9. Make sure both get local Video
> 10. Either of you can go the the Conference Menu and connect to other
> that person's IP address.
> NOTE- One precaution, if you decide to go on the internet after this
and if you
> rcv IP address from your ISP, you'll have to switch your IP address
from the one
> assigned by you to dynamically assigned and restart your system.

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