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Wed, 06 Nov 1996 20:08:39 -0600

At 10:34 AM 11/7/96 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi there CuSeeme users!
>I'm wondering if anyone out there can give me some help with a small
>annoyance I'm having with CUSeeMe. I'm using a PowerMac, with the 0.85b
>version of CUSeeMe.
>What I have found is that when I am connected to different people and/or
>reflectors, I need different settings for send, receive etc etc for optimum
>performance. Since there will be other people using this Mac to CuSeeMe
>with the same people/reflectors that I have been, what I would like to do
>is set up some sort of automated way of changing ALL settings to go with a
>particular connection, so that for example, if I wanted to connect to
>"Dave" then I could run some sort of script for "Dave" and if I wanted to
>connect to "Jim's Reflector" I could do something similar, and so on for
>all the people and reflectors I regularly connect to.
>A really neat solution (if its possible) would be to somehow link the
>connection to a particular address with a group of settings.
>Does anyone out there know how to do it? Is it possible? Even if some of
>you Windows users know a way for Windows versions could you please let me
>know, as I should be able to adapt the process for the Mac.
>Thanks very much in anticipation!
>Michael Lucas

This may work for the MAC, but will definitely for for the PC. This is for
the White Pine version only, and is very similar to making Netscape launch
CU from a web page:

Create a file with notepad or some other text editor and name it cornell.csm

In the .csm file put the following to connect to the Cornell reflector,
conference number 0:

Max Windows=3D8
Name=3DTommy Servo Junior

[Flow Control]

[connect options]

Save the file, and in the file manager in windows (or Explorer) click on the
file once, then click on File/Associate, and point to the path to the
Enhanced CUSeeMe.exe file. Once this association is established, you can
just double click on the file to launch ECU and connect with those settings.

Based on the White Pine Enhanced CU-seeME Users Guide, you can put any of
the preferences from the cuseeme.ini file in here and it should override
your regular preferences for this connection. This could conceivably
include things like=20


to use a different video device, or even=20

[Local Position]

to have your local window turned off, or

[Participants Window]
Senders Window Open=3DNo
Senders (not showing) Window Open=3DYes
Lurkers Window Open=3DNo

This SHOULD automatically open the senders section only, but of course THIS
PART ISN'T HONORED YET BY ENHANCED CU (White Pine please pay attention!)

or how about including this:

Name=3DEskew =A9


This should turn off the toolbars and status bars on the other video
windows, POSSIBLY skip the splash screen, and set your nickname.

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