staccato sound

Duncan Douglass (
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 13:50:38 -0500

I have tried using both White Pine's Enhanced CU-SEEME and the freeware
version over both T1 and phone lines (28.8 modem). In all cases, no matter
who I connect to directly or to what reflector I connect, the sound sounds
like machine gun fire and is unintelligible as human speech. Are there any
software or hardware adjustments that can be made to correct this problem?
The two machines I am using with CU-SEEME are:
T1 connection - 100 MHz Pentium with SB 32-bit sound card, Windows 3.11
28.8 - 150 MHz Pentium with proprietary 32-bit sound care, Windows 95

One other quick question. Does CU-SEEME work effectively over 28.8
connections or is high rate of packet loss and subsequent poor quality

Thanks in advance for all your help!!

Duncan Douglass