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>When will someone actually post a reflector list of reflectors that the
>public can use and were checked out to be valid?


As I'm sure you know, I keep a fairly updated list on my web page, but it's
impossible to keep a current list since reflectors are started, and closed
constantly. Also, not all reflectors are up 24/7, and they go down
sometimes due to all sorts of glitches. John Becker at Cornell University
maintains the list that I keep on my page, and he MANUALLY verifies each one
before adding it to the list.

Another real good source of information is the PeoplesNet Reflector Scanner
web page, at

and Streak's Web Reflector Scanner web page at

The PeoplesNet page is constantly updated by an automated process. Streak's
page allows you to check any of the White Pine reflectors and see who is
actually on it at the present time. I use a combination of the two,
depending on what I want to know. If I'm looking for a particular person, I
use the PeoplesNet page, and do a FIND in Netscape. If I just want to know
who is on a particular reflector, I use Streak's page, since is works in
real time.

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