creating a CU reflector scanner

Harry (
Fri, 08 Nov 1996 11:36:48 -0800

The unfortunate demise of STREAK's scanner has got my old programming
roots struggling to shoot up new buds.

So the first thing I ought to do is find out what I'm doing:-)......

What is one looking for (in the ether of the internet) when seeking
active CU reflectors?

Is there a white paper or papers or RFC doc that talks of such things?

What does one do to see if a CU ref is WP or vanilla Cornell?

How does conference ID-ing of a ref occur??

Lastly (for now), is this something I could construct/execute from a
small homepage (2 to 5megs) via my ppp dialup account? Or do I need to
work such scanning from a T1 or similiar heavy duty connection?

Reply to ME *and* the mailing list please. I get this list in DIGEST
format and a direct note would make compiling your replies easier and
sending to this list as well would promote healthy discussions and