Re: creating a CU reflector scanner

Ron Elkayam (
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 15:38:20 -0500 (EST)

Wowee, how funny. We were thinking of the same problem together but
separately. Yes, your method of having a program scan for the reflectors
is indeed better than mine eventhough it's much more complicated and
requires deep knowledge of how the reflector operates (while mine,
although simple, should be able to do the trick too).

If you do manage to pull something like this together, don't forget to add
the feature of allowing random users (visitors of the WWW page) to add new
reflector sites. Your way, the software should be able to automatically
detect this new addition as a valid or invalid reflector the instance it
is submitted by the user.

Catch ya later,

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996, Harry wrote:

> The unfortunate demise of STREAK's scanner has got my old programming
> roots struggling to shoot up new buds.
> So the first thing I ought to do is find out what I'm doing:-)......
> What is one looking for (in the ether of the internet) when seeking
> active CU reflectors?
> Is there a white paper or papers or RFC doc that talks of such things?
> What does one do to see if a CU ref is WP or vanilla Cornell?
> How does conference ID-ing of a ref occur??
> Lastly (for now), is this something I could construct/execute from a
> small homepage (2 to 5megs) via my ppp dialup account? Or do I need to
> work such scanning from a T1 or similiar heavy duty connection?
> Reply to ME *and* the mailing list please. I get this list in DIGEST
> format and a direct note would make compiling your replies easier and
> sending to this list as well would promote healthy discussions and
> dialogues.
> Thanks
> Harry
> nj2ca4harry