Re: Suggestion on the Reflector Problem Re: When
Sat, 9 Nov 1996 14:03:57 -0500

In a message dated 96-11-08 20:52:58 EST, (Alex Watson)

> This is a good idea, and the cgi wouldnt be that hard, plus you can have
> the computername of the guy that verified it next to the "checkmarked as
> good" reflector.
> Another idea is to have a mailing system that sends messages once a week
> to each reflector administrator to verify readiness of the reflector. The
> admin would return the email to the listproc (so to speak) and update the
> web page. The perl script for this would not be too difficult, and I'de
> be willing to write it. (1/2 could already be considered done if you use
> the reflector list at:
> But I must admit it is probably out of date. (And this brings up the idea
> of mailbombing an innocent non-reflector admin.) ugh. forget it. lost
In the course of observing this latest round of angst over the lack of a
reliable way to keep track of operational reflectors, it occurs to me that we
may be looking at the problem backwards. The list of active reflectors at any
given time is analogous to a list of active TV channels, a list of active
radio stations, a list of active IRC channels, etc. Because the owners of
each of these types of "reflectors" want to attract traffic, the owners make
sure they are listed and that the information is current and accurate. Why
can't a place be established at White Pine's, or Cornell's, or Bill
Woodland's, Streak's, or other appropriate website where reflector operators
could "register" that they are up/down, etc., essentially real-time? This
could probably be automated via reflector software patches that could be
configured by each operator who would also have the option of not auto
registering at all. Thoughts?

Bob Tomkiewicz