Inactive Reflectors?
Sat, 9 Nov 1996 14:06:43 -0500

I have found while surfing for refs that the problem is not always that ref
is not active. Sometimes the problem is on MY end. What I do when I feel
that I've hit a string of "inactive" refs is to attempt to connect to one I
KNOW should be up - like White Pine. If White Pine won't even connect I try
closing CU & re-opening it. Sometimes that clears the "log-jam". Sometimes
I have to go out to my Web Browser and force it to a web page to clear the
jam. Sometimes I have to get out of Windows & back in or even re-boot. I'm
not sure what causes this "inactivity" but that's how I clear it up. I've
found that trying to connect to several full refs in a row will sometimes
cause the next one to appear to be inactive. I've also found that the
problem can be with your ISP (blocking UDP?). I have two different local
access phone numbers for AOL and one of them NEVER works for CU. I guess my
point is - you can't always blame the other end. When in doubt, connect to

Steve Smith, CNE
Byte One, Inc.