beginner, sending video MAC 8500 PPC, AV

Bill Richards (
Sat, 9 Nov 1996 16:24:40 -0500

I hope you can help out a CU-SEEME beginner. I have an AV PowerMac
8500/120. System 7.5.5, OT 1.1, CU-SEEME 0.85b1 (PPC).

I am unable to send video, and can't figure out why.

I don't have a camera as a video source, but I do have a VHS vcr attached -
I use it to grab video stills for our web site, and I bring low-res video
in to do rough edits in Premiere, etc. I am exploring the feasiblity of
using CU-SEEME to review preliminary edits of short video segments with my
supervisor, who is across campus.

But CU-SEEME does not seem to be recognizing any input from the VCR - I'm
not able to send. Picture,Compression,Video pulldowns are not active, etc.

I have found the bit of information about setting monitor to 256 colors.
This has not helped.

What am I missing?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Bill Richards

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