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At 02:03 PM 11/9/96 -0500, you wrote:
>In the course of observing this latest round of angst over the lack of a
>reliable way to keep track of operational reflectors, it occurs to me that we
>may be looking at the problem backwards. The list of active reflectors at any
>given time is analogous to a list of active TV channels, a list of active
>radio stations, a list of active IRC channels, etc. Because the owners of
>each of these types of "reflectors" want to attract traffic, the owners make
>sure they are listed and that the information is current and accurate. Why
>can't a place be established at White Pine's, or Cornell's, or Bill
>Woodland's, Streak's, or other appropriate website where reflector operators
>could "register" that they are up/down, etc., essentially real-time? This
>could probably be automated via reflector software patches that could be
>configured by each operator who would also have the option of not auto
>registering at all. Thoughts?
>Bob Tomkiewicz

I suggested to White Pine quite a while back that they setup some kind of
IRC-like server, like the IPHONE people did. This server would have a
"channel" for each reflector, and people would log into the server, check a
channel (and topic) list, then join the channel they wanted. They could
even add in the ability to have channel operators, kick and ban features,
and private messages.

No word on this from WP so far, but there was some talk a few months back
from White Pine about some kind of refelctor network, which would work not
exactly, but somewhat like what i had suggested. I haven't heard a thing
about this from WP lately, so maybe the project was dropped...I don't know.
Perhaps one of the WP people could update us all on the status of this project.

Brian Oshea: What can you tell us about this project?

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