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Sun, 10 Nov 1996 17:50:38 +0100

> Date: Fri, 8 Nov 96 07:52:00 UT
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> From: "Andreas Pfeiffer" <>
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> Subject: disconnecting from us ??

> Hello everyone,
> I recently described this list, so please dont kill me :) if that
> question has been already asked here.
> I often (not always) have the following problem:
> When I try to connect one to one to another cuseeme user, I first
> get the normal message: "Connected to w.x.y.z". Great. But then,
> after 1 or 2 seconds I get the message:
> "w.x.y.z is disconnecting from us..." !!!!
> What is the problem for this? Is there any simple solution?
> I am using Cuseeme Cornell version W0.84B7 for PC with a b/w
> quickcam on parallel port.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Best wishes from germany,
> Andreas

Andreas, you are not telling us if you try to connect as a lurker or
as a sender to a lurker. Anyway, if the combination of sending and
receiving video between two in a direct connect does not match, the
described phenomenon happens. So, if you are sending and receiving
video, but your counterpart can receive only, check OFF the Receive
Video box prior to connecting. That should do it. There is no place
where you can find this information, just experience :).
Of course, the other side should observe this too!

Ah, sometimes the software just says it is disconnecting, but does
not do it, othertimes it disconnects without saying it :) (most
often), and then (rare occasion) it does what it says it does.

Any more problems? You can email me directly (in german, too :) ) .

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