Re: When

Andrew Roche (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 12:20:29 GMT

Ah ha, Just as I was about to sit down and compose this message someone
croped up and asked if someones going to do what I am about to attempt.
Basically I am going to set up a web page which will be updated frequently
(I'm not sure yet whether every half hour or when someone accesses my page)
However, I need some info. I know CU-SeeMe uses UDP but I need to know
what message to send to the reflector and what reply I should expect. I
will probably be doing a combination of C and CGI scripts to attempt this
on a UNIX machine.
I'm doing this as a final year project, and the person who attempted this
last year failed to get a satisfactory product, so if you want such a site
(and are fealing generous to help a struggling final year student) please
mail me with any sujestions.
Andy Roche
Final year BSc Hons Software Eng.
Also part time Consultant for Sheffield Hallam University
and anyone else