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> >I'm running Enhanced CU-SeeMe 2.0 on a PowerMac 7600. I've seen
> >people broadcasting a series of stills (ie. GIfs and JPEGs) in
> >place of their video. How does one accomplish this? Could I loop a
> >quicktime movie and broadcast it?
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> >curiously,
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> >Mark Barr
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> On the NEWS section of my web page is information about, and a link
> to, a program called IMPOSTER. This may be what the people you ahve
> seen are using.
> A fully functional demonstration version of Imposter 1.1 is
> available that is limited to 32 pictures. The demo version has the
> load and save functions disabled, but supports copy and paste from
> other Mac applications.
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You may have seen people using CU-DOODLE written by Bill Neisius.
You move a transparent window around your screen, and whatever is on the screen in
that window is taken as the input for your outbound video channel.
Run an avi - file in that window, or place your favorite jpeg there
(some people surprise others with insights into their root
directories) , it is broadcast.

Ask AltaVista for where to get it. afaik, it is freeware, but dont
nail me on that.


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