CDT's Jonah Seiger on ISP-TV's "Real Time"

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Wed, 13 Nov 1996 15:10:29 -0500

*** ISP-TV Program Announcement:

Live interview with Jonah Seiger,
Policy Analyst for the Center for Democracy and Technology

*** Monday, Nov. 18 ***
*** 9:00 PM ET ***

Jonah Seiger, Policy Analyst and online organizer with the Center for
Democracy and Technology (CDT), will be on ISP-TV's "Real Time" interview
series this monday night.

Seiger has been very active on both the crypto rights front and opposing
the Communications Decency Act. He worked with Senator Burns to put the
first Congressional Hearing on the Internet, played a key role in
organizing an online petition which generated over 115,000 signatures in
opposition to the CDA, and helped to organize the "Black Thursday

We will ask Jonah questions about what the future of crypto regulation
will be in the next Congress, and the efforts of the Citizens Internet
Empowerment Coalition (CIEC) in fighting against the CDA in the Supreme

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