Hmmm....there may be a problem.

Mark Friedlander (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 18:08:41 +0000

i am sort of new at this so if this is the improper place i am sorry.

i just installed CU-SeeMe w0.84b7 on to my pentium 100 with 48 megs of
ram running win 95. on it i had installed previously b/w quickcam
software with the quickcam.drv 1.00a. the cammera works in it native
applications (quickmovie, quickpic).

the problem is when i start CU-SeeMe i recieve to dialogue boxes one
after another. they both are headed "Hmmm....there may be a problem."
the first contains no text in the body, just an "ok" button. the second
says "Invalid handel." after clicking "ok" for the second timemy local
video window opens with just b/w static. they don't seem to change even
when ther is motion in front of the camera. this signal of static can
be transmitted point to point. haven't tryed over a reflector.

what is an "invalid handel" and how can i get functioning video from my
quick cam to run on this client? i tied the faq and all the docs i
could find. all timely help appriciated, i am on a deadlime to make
this thing work for COMDEX in las vegas next week. thanks.

again sorry if this is not the proper forum.

mark friedlander