The School Zone

Stephen A. Stiner (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 10:58:49 -0500

I know that many of you are in search of active reflectors to test your
setup. I have my reflector site back in operation and running new
software. You are welcome to access my reflector to test your setup and at
the same time you would be doing me the favor of testing my new
configuration. The IP address of the reflector is All
conferences are currently private with the exception of Conference 0.
Please do not seek out the private conferences or you will be permanently
denied access if you are caught. The private conferences are for use by
our University departments only. If you connect in the late evening, you
might want to prepare yourself for the adult activity you may find there.
I had to "kill" a couple of guys last night for violating the rules of
Conference 0. My workload of the past couple of months has kept me away
from the reflectors, but I will pop in for feedback occasionally when I can
find the time. Regards,


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