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*** Susanna Hoffs Cybercast ***

*** Saturday, Nov. 16 ***
*** 7PM ET/ 4PM PT ***

A private musical session with ex-Bangle Susanna Hoffs broadcast live from
The Art Institute of Houston, thanks to KRBE, WorldLink, and Charlie Thomas
Hyundai North.

--This will be a color-only broadcast--

*** On Computers ***

*** Sunday, Nov. 17 ***
*** 11:00 AM ET ***

Watch our video cyber-simulcast of "On Computers" radio high-tech talk show.

*** Jonah Seiger of CDT on Real Time ***

*** Monday, Nov. 18 ***
*** 9:00 PM ET ***

Jonah Seiger, Policy Analyst and online organizer with the Center for
Democracy and Technology (CDT), will be on ISP-TV's "Real Time" interview
series this monday night.

Seiger has been very active on both the crypto rights front and opposing
the Communications Decency Act. He worked with Senator Burns to put the
first Congressional Hearing on the Internet, played a key role in
organizing an online petition which generated over 115,000 signatures in
opposition to the CDA, and helped to organize the "Black Thursday

*** The Computer Show ***

*** Wednesday, Nov. 20 ***
*** 3:00 PM ET ***

"The Computer Show" is a show all about home computers and computer games.
Come check it out!

*** Meeks Unfiltered ***

*** Wednesday, Nov. 20 ***
*** 8:00 PM ET ***

Cyber-mukraker Brock Meeks is turned loose on the 'Net in "Meeks
Unfiltered." Meeks, publisher of CyberWire Digest, and formerly with
WIRED magazine, exposes Washington's technopolitics.

"This show will move beyond the rehearsed, glib, policy-wonk sound bytes
found in most of today's Washington-based shows. The show will be a no
holds barred look at how Washington is encroaching on the Net, for good or
for ill, and it won't be afraid to yell 'B.S.' when it's needed. It will
have edge, bite, and analysis that transcends your TV or talk radio of
today. If you're looking for objectivity, don't tune in. If you're
looking for truth, don't stay away." - Brock Meeks on "Meeks Unfiltered"

*** Da Sports Show ***

*** Thursday, Nov. 21 ***
*** 6:00 PM ET ***

Join "Da Guys" in their no-holds-barred examination of the world of


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