Re: TOP TEN REFLIST (or:Why duplicate the effort?)

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Sat, 16 Nov 1996 16:18:09 -0600

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>Hey you CU-dudes!
>Saw my Ultimate Reflist last week?
>Check it out at the wwwpage of Richard Cekal!
>Got a new HIT coming up!
>To all you 2000 subscribers of the CU-SEEME-L...
>Send your Top Ten Reflector list to my email address:
>Expect a top hundred next month or sooner!!!
>PS: Forward this message to your CU-friends.
>This way we'll get a RefList with Refs that should be up
>24 hours a day/ seven days a week!
>Greetings: Sven Sackers (aka DataHawk)
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Streak's web reflector scanner page is back up at the same URL:

You can connect to any of the reflectors in his list by glicking on the word
"Go" next to the reflector info. Right now he only has 3 reflectors which
you can do a WHO on...mine, KLBJ-FM, and the University of Texas reflector.
On these three reflectors, just click on the IP address to see WHO is on the
reflector at that time. ALL of the reflectors in this list are PUBLIC

I urge you to email the reflector administrators and ask them to give Streak
the authority to telnet into their reflectors so we can all do a WHO on them
to find our friends. All you have to do is tell them what the purpose of
the web page is, and most of them would love the free advertising. If it is
a PRIVATE reflector, Streak can add the IP into a hidden database so it
doesn't accidently get added to the main page. Either way, public or
private, all ref admins should get in touch with him. Streak's email
address is

I just talked to Crazed1 this morning, who runs the MTV reflector, and he
said he will give Streak the authority to telnet into his reflector for the
WHO info.

Re:reflector lists

If you guys want to go to the extra trouble, feel free, but John Becker at
Cornell keeps a good list, and I'm in full support of John and his efforts.
He puts a lot of his own time into it to make sure it's as accurate as
possible, and gets no compensation for this. You could email him at if you have any reflectors to add to his list, or info
about any of them going out of business. John also formats his list 4 (or 5
if you count the long and short PC list) different ways...

PC/Cornell (long version with comments, and short one without)

These are all available on my web page. Why duplicate the effort? If there
are more reflector lists available, it just means more work for all of us to
get a unique list. Just do what you can to help keep John updated.

Since my web page is visited often, I have taken John's list and made a
Reflector Connector web page, where all you have to do is click on the
reflector to which you want to connect. The next time John sends me an
update, I'll update the page, also. It takes me about 2 minutes to create
the new page and .csm files and upload them to the server. It's not as
fancy as Streak's page, but it works. I'll ask Streak to use John's list
for his web reflector scanner page, and also to inform John of any new
reflectors he finds out about, and any that are now extinct.

I could be wrong, but I think Rick Cekal has been using John's list for some
time now, and there was some talk between John, Rick, and I about working on
a standardized format, but the thread got dropped. We need Cornell and
White Pine to cooperate and use the same format to make it easier on all of
us. Better yet, White Pine should pay John for his work, and setup a web
page where he could put the list and update it dynamically.

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