poor performance in ethernet

Leonardo Silva Carissimi (leonardo@sesu.unisinos.tche.br)
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 10:01:12 GMT-3

Hei, list.

I'm using two 486 dx4 100 PCs, 16Mb mem connected
with a coaxial cabling (10Mb). Machine A has a
Connectix Mono camera attached and sends video to
machine B. No audio and only 16 grays.

I have tried with Win95 and Win 3.1. In both cases
the performance was too bad. I've got a frame every
3-4 seconds!! The kbps rate was always under 20kbps.
With fixed images, no motion.

How can you explain this result? I'm wondering
if exist somewhere a parameter to set that magically
will improve my performance... or this is my
test environment?

So, where is the bottleneck? It's my TCP/IP stack?
But I've tried with two implementations! My network?
With 10Mb?? CPU, which is 486 100Mhz? My parallel port?
But I can get 15fps when machine A is not connected with
machine B.

To test with Win 3.1 I've used trumpet winsock. Both
machines have 3com cards. My cuseeme version is

Any ideas?

Leonardo Silva Carissimi
Fone: +55-051-590-3333 ext 1885
Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos
Sao Leopoldo - RS - Brasil