Re: Apple TV/Video System

Takenori Azegami (
19 Nov 96 09:36:44 +0000

>This question has likely been posed before, but I just downloaded
>CU-SeeMe so forgive me. I eagerly await a response(s), so I don't have
>to go buy more toys for the computer.
>I have the MAC Performa 6320CD with the Apple TV/Video System cards
>preinstalled. Why won't they work for sending video and if they do work
>how do I set it up? If they don't and won't when will they?

I believe that your Mac is NOT equipped with a camera!! (At least no Macs
sold here are equipped with a camera.) So you need a camera to send video.
A good thing about your Mac is that an ordinary video camera can be
attached to it, as well as CONNECTIX CAM.

T. Azegami (

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